"RCA means Ohana.  Ohana means family.  Family means no one gets left behind. It’s an all-inclusive school of caring and dedicated teachers in a supportive and sage environment.  Happy students speak louder than any words can express how AWESOME RCA is!"  The O. Family

RCA is a small school that works hard to make the students feel like they are a valued member of a large family.  The school is split into three main sections that work collectively together:-

Kindergarten - including PJK, JK, and SK.  These three classes will spend time together, go on trips and outings together, and teachers will often share teaching responsibilities.

Kindergarten students do not have a dress code and have their own wing of the school complete with bathrooms that are an appropriate size and layout for small children.

Lower School - Headed by Miss Bauman and comprising Grade 1-4 these students enjoy a more traditional elementary school experience during Grades 1-3 with the majority of subjects taught by their Home Room teacher.  In Grade 4 the students are gently introduced to rotary teaching.

Upper School - Headed by Mrs. Grant and comprising Grade 5-8 teaching of these students is done on a rotary basis with each subject taught by a subject specialist.  This ensures that students are taught by a range of qualified professionals who love their subject each day.  This is great preparation for high school teaching methodology and expectations.

Dress Code

Grade 1/2/3 Navy blue, pink or red collared or polo shirt
Grade 4/5 Pale blue collared or polo shirt
Grade 6/7/8 White collared or polo shirt
Black or navy blue dress pants
Black shoes

Gym clothes
RCA t-shirt, shorts, sweat shirt
Indoor gym shoes

Mandatory swimming commences Grade 1