"RCA is a home away from home.  A school built on love, understanding and caring.  Finding, challenging and nurturing strengths in our children.  RCA builds strong bonds and lasting relationships. RCA ROCKS!!"  The C. Family

RCA is registered Canadian Charity.  Charitable Donation Receipts are sent on an annual basis in the first quarter of each year.

Supporting RCA

As a Christian school, RCA receives no government support. This will not change as some of the rules, regulations, and convictions that now govern education in Ontario are alien to the RCA core beliefs and will not be taught at RCA.  Although the staff and faculty make significant personal and financial sacrifices in order to be able to teach in a Christian school, RCA needs the support of donors to cover its operating costs. 

In November of each year RCA reaches out to friends, family, and other supporters to become an RCA Angel through our Angel Giving Drive.  This donation drive remains open for the remainder of the year - please click here if you would like to donate to our Angel Giving Drive.

In April each year we set aside a special evening to recognise God's grace in calling us to this school with a fundraising Dinner Theatre.  Please click here if you would like to attend, donate to, or sponsor our Dinner Theatre. 

In June the students participate in a mini-putt marathon that is timed to fall on the same day as the adult Golf Marathon.  This fun school-wide event was created to allow students the opportunity to stand up and support the school that supports them during the course of the year.

Supporting the RCA CAFE Fund for Families in Financial Distress

From the outset RCA has committed to provide tuition support to families who are in financial distress but would like to have their children educated at RCA.  In our first year of operation RCA supported 8 children, this number has fluctuated on an annual basis based upon the needs of the community.  Families have to re-apply each year to the RCA Board which is responsible for assessing the applications.  Our commitment to the families is that once their children are in the program we will stand by them for as long as they need financial assistance.  The tuition differential that is not paid by the families in need is drawn from the RCA CAFE (Christian Assistance For Education) fund.

Each year in June, RCA organizes a Golf Marathon, the proceeds of which go exclusively to the CAFE Fund.  Stay tuned if you would like to play in, support a golfer, or sponsor the Golf Marathon. 

If you would like to support the school outside of the regular fundraising initiatives listed above, w
e can currently take secure online donations to allow one time or regular giving.  We can accept payment through PayPal or various credit cards.   For large donations please contact the school office directly.  Thank you for supporting our school.  You are making an eternal difference in many young lives.