About RCA


"A secure, safe, high quality and well-rounded education for our child in a place that mimics family more than an education establishment."  The Z. Family

Small school - large family - this is the essence of RCA.  

Students at RCA have the opportunity to develop and grow into the people who God intended them to be in a safe environment in which childhood is cherished and protected. S
mall class sizes ensure that our gifted Christian teachers have the opportunity to bring out the individual strengths of each student.  Daily interraction between students of all RCA age groups creates a family environment in which older students can help guide the younger ones.  Our goal is to enable each student to reach for their own personal strengths within a caring Christian environment.

RCA offers students the opportunity to achieve success through academics, athletics, music, art, drama, technology, community service and many other avenues.  We seek to offer students a safe, happy environment in which to learn, play, and thrive.  RCA students look forward to coming to school on a daily basis and enjoy their elementary school experience.

RCA encourages its students to become beacons of light for Christ by walking their faith daily.  Students are taught to treat each other as Jesus commanded”…love your neighbor as yourself” Matthew 9:19.  It is our hope and prayer that students who graduated from RCA will become Christian leaders in all walks of life.