"RCA means a safe place for my kids to be themselves.  They thrive on challenges given.   My kids need the structure that RCA brings to their sometimes chaotic lives."  Mr. H.

"RCA is a home away from home.  A school built on love, understanding and caring.  Finding, challenging and nurturing strengths in our children.  RCA builds strong bonds and lasting relationships. RCA ROCKS!!"  The C. Family

"As full time working parents we are put at ease daily by knowing that our children are somewhere that people truly care about them.  We feel that RCA is part of “our village”, contributing to their happiness, success and resiliency in life."  The K. Family

"RCA is a partner who helps our family to be the best it can be – knowing our child is safe, happy and inspired fills us with comfort and joy.  A true community of educators, children and family who believe in making a difference with meaningful work, kindness and a whole lot of laughter!"  The P. Family

"RCA means my child gains a community who loves him and cares about his academic and personal success.  RCA meets my child where he’s at and elevates him to be his best.  The values modeled at home for my son are matched at RCA.  At RCA, my child is safe and has a second family."  The B. Family

"RCA is a place where my son learns that the world is a beautiful place to be discovered.  Thank you!"  Mr. T.

"RCA means Ohana.  Ohana means family.  Family means no one gets left behind. It’s an all-inclusive school of caring and dedicated teachers in a supportive and sage environment.  Happy students speak louder than any words can express how AWESOME RCA is!"  The O. Family

"RCA is a safe place where my child is loved and nurtured by the staff.  The education being received is phenomenal and I love watching my son grow in standard educational matters and in Biblical knowledge.  I am happy with the friends he has made along the way and marvel at the familial atmosphere and the respect the children have for one another. We could not be more pleased with RCA."  Mrs. T.

"Our children are our greatest gifts from God. We trust the loving teachers and staff with our children; to pick them up when they fall down, to praise them when they rise to the occasion and to support them through their journey while at the school.  We know and trust that all these things happen day after day.  Thank you RCA for helping us to raise good and faithful servants."  The W. Family

"We are so glad that we switched our daughter  from public school to RCA.  We see and feel the love and care she gets from RCA on her smiling face every day.  She could not wait to go to RCA and she told me several times, “Mom I love RCA it’s the best”. We cannot wait for our son to attend with our daughter.  Lisa and Sue we thank you and all the teachers for what you do."  The S. Family

"RCA has made a drastic difference in my son’s life – he was always cared for by his mother and school was a big change for him.  The small class sizes and the extremely friendly teachers have made the transition incredibly easy and he has grown so much in such a short time.  I could not be more appreciative."  Mr. L.

"The children from RCA impress me so much: they are such kind, polite and caring individuals.  You can especially see it at the assemblies each month…the older children cheer as much for the Little Gems who are getting an award for doing up their zipper as they are cheering for their classmates who received the highest mark.  It’s great to see and a great feeling especially when you have a little on in the school." The G. Family

"What RCA means to our family: A community filled with passion.  Passion for teaching and education, passion for children, passion for progress and spirituality, passion for friends and for relationships."  The O-P Family

"Resurrection Christian Academy provides an environment in which our children are challenged academically, nurtured spiritually and encouraged to grow within themselves as well as their communities.

RCA provides the benefit of a smaller class size, yet offers unique opportunities that larger schools lack.

With choosing RCA, we fully believe that our daughters will be given the tools needed to meet both the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead of them. "
Rockwood Parents

"This past year is my son’s first year at RCA and he has come an extremely long way.  He started as a withdrawn child who was brutally picked on with very low self esteem.  A child who looked at me and said that he “just wanted to go away and die” last spring, to a child who has become very well liked and according to his teacher “a bit of a leader". His grades are all above 90% and he excels especially in math and science. 

In the public school system, my child was getting lost and abused.  Thanks to the kindness of the school staff, teachers and the help of people like you, he has grown and blossomed dramatically.  My son is begging me to send him back to RCA in the fall and I have become a true believer in this school.  The teachers and staff are incredible people who will do anything to assist the children's growth and development."
Guelph Parent

"The decision to enroll our daughter at RCA seemed to come right out of the blue.  What started out as a simple meeting became a real turning point for our family.  In the midst of our difficulty God showed up and in His Wisdom arranged everything.

We knew our daughter was struggling in her school and by the time she entered grade 5 we heard complaints and watched her tears almost on a daily basis.  The most difficult part was recognizing the stress she seemed to be under due to limited supervision and support in her public school…

After a number of family discussions, we decided to enroll her at RCA.  On the first day of school I brought her up to her new classroom and helped her to get settled.  I wished her luck and left.  I thought I would feel some angst because, after all, it was a new school.  However the complete opposite happened.  I experienced a sense of total peace, I knew she was safe and being cared for in a loving environment and God had planned all of it…

At the end of the day I was excited to pick her back up again.  When she got into the car I could see that her countenance had changed.  She did not seem to be experiencing any stress and the look on her face was peaceful.

I am continually amazed to witness how God works in our lives, organizing and putting the people together that need to be together in order to further His will.  I thank God for all the staff at RCA for heeding God’s call on their lives as they teach and encourage the children that God has put into their care."
Guelph Parent

Some comments from RCA students:

I love RCA because I have really nice friends.

I like RCA because it is nice.

I like RCA because everyone is kind to me.

I like RCA because of Bible book.  It is awesome.  I like it because we do dot to dots and stories.

I like RCA because it is fun and different.  It is the best school I have ever been to.

We get to go swimming and curling and we get to go outside and play.

I like RCA because it is a great school and it talks about God.  I like the teachers because they are so nice.

I like my class because they are so nice even my friends.  I like gym because you get to play line tag we have lunch in a lunch room.

I like all my teachers sooooooo much and my friends.  I like to read stories at school.

I like RCA because the kids are nice.  I like the classrooms because they are big.  There are no bullies RCA is cool and awesome.

We have spelling which is my favourite subject.  We have pizza every Wednesday and hot lunch once a month.

We have chapel every Wednesday and I love singing.  We have assembly once a month.

I get prizes at Bible class.  For science class we get to do fun projects.  This time we did the water cycle.

Also I like RCA because we make friends.  I also like Bible because I learn more things about God every Bible class.  I also like the medieval field trip because we got food and water.

The teachers are nice and funny.  I like when the Little Gems smile.

RCA always has fun  things on Friday like curling in the winter and in the spring we have swimming at Victor Davis pool.

The thing I like about RCA is my teacher named Miss Bauman.  She is the nicest teacher you could ever have.

Another fun thing that the Grade 8s do is Taste of Life.  Some of the things that we do in Taste of Life are sewing, we went to the Gleaners, and we went to where they film 100 Huntley Street.

My favourite thing about RCA is playing games at recess.  My favourite classes are History and Math.

What I like about RCA is how everyone knows each other.  We are all friends.  It is like we are all one big happy family.

I think that the academic levels of RCA are phenomenal.  Because I have always done well in school, I believe that this higher level of elementary education will benefit me greatly in the years to come.

I love RCA because it is a small school, I know everyone, and I have opportunities to be on the sports teams.

The things that I like about RCA are:- bullying is not tolerated, we have lots of nice and enjoyable teachers, we have a l nice, big, diverse playground, we have a caring and loving principal and director.

One saying that stands out and still speaks to me about RCA is our motto:-

“Reaching up towards God

Reaching out towards our community

Reaching in towards personal excellence.”

The friendships here are life-changing RCA is a good school.