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Cayenne Coffee
October 31, 2014
We started the day at the farmer’s market, our southern latitude affirmed by the continued wealth of stands featuring local artistry and fresh produce.     They displayed an eclectic mix of beeswax candles shaped as animals and angels mixed with gnarly root vegetables, exuberant lettuces and artistic mushrooms thrust their way into focus vying for the attention of that perfect purchaser.  Indecently large bushes of rosemary line the pavement asking to be brushed to release their pungent scent, chives flower in window boxes through which everlasting strawberries run their races.  The popsicle trees remain laden with leaf, only the tops have been dipped with the raspberry sherbet of fall.


Giant Dandelions
September 30, 2014

The sky is a clear vibrant blue and the leaves are fluttering in the trees like captured birds yearning to escape their bonds.  It is cool but sunny, I should go for a run, but I decide to take the dogs into the back fields instead.  We walk through the long grass, brushing past daisies gone to seed, following the paths left by the deer.   A chipmunk objects to our presence noisily, eliciting a mad dash of dogs into the bushes, I smile at their enthusiasm but am relieved at their failure.  I watch Remus carefully; the miracle that he is here to enjoy this walk is tinged with sadness as I hear him wheeze with the effort caused by his massively accelerated heartbeat.


One became three became more
July 31, 2014
One eye opens and he observes me keenly but does not move.  He is clearly thinking that another hour's sleep would not go amiss.  Then led by loyalty, rather than desire, he reverses the roles and scampers down the stairs.  I receive a similar object lesson in indifference towards early morning rising from the other two, particularly Romulus who feigns sleep even as I open the door.  Once outside their torpor disappears and they race each other down the hill, kicking up showers of dew behind them. [READ MORE]

June 30, 2014

Day 1 - a dry cough... Day 2 - brown loving eyes turn mournful... Day 3 - ribs and vertebrae can be counted... Day 4 - the diagnosis - the race to save him begins... Day 5 - pills, more pills, special diet, extra love... Day 6 - ...   He lives still, we continue with the […] [READ MORE]

Arachnid Architects
May 31, 2014
It will be a day of great joy; the morning chorus tells me so.  The sun will rise bringing a summertime heat that speaks of frozen treats, flag football in the playground and laughter echoing throughout the school; but, right now, this is the before...

Polishing Jeweled Chalices
March 31, 2014
The key turns slowly, unwillingly yielding it's hold.  Tentatively I push the door open, surveying the scene as I do so.   Dog blankets have been dragged through the kitchen - rag dolls in a game of tug of war.  Shredded newspaper is strewn like confetti on the steps of a church.  And behind the chaos, three excited faces connected to frantically wagging tails implore for release...

Pied Piper
February 28, 2014
Eye squinting sunshine streams through the window....
Soft scoop vanilla ice cream folds it's way across the earth....
Azure blue arches triumphantly over all...
Time to ski .....

Canis Familiaris
January 31, 2014
This month the Grade 5/6s and I have worked through The Diversity of Life unit in Science. Starting off by breaking life down into it's various taxonomical groups we moved through all the various Kingdoms of life and then came full circle to put it all back together, demonstrating the way a diverse range of organisms are connected and dependent upon one another.
Although taxonomy is a useful tool...

Skiing in a Negative
December 31, 2013 much snow has fallen overnight I spontaneously decide to introduce the puppies to cross country skiing.  An unbroken sheet of white beckons me to leave my mark.  The snow is deep but it is soft and light, the consistency of whipped egg whites.  With each stride the tips of my skis […] [READ MORE]

Wordless Stoics
November 30, 2013

I am sitting on the sofa, the arm pushes uncomfortably into my back and my neck is seizing up as I crane my head to see the TV.  "Why don't I move?" Would be the logical question... The answer lies in the fact that I am pinned in position by […] [READ MORE]

Old to New
October 31, 2013

Below is an old prayer, a version of which I am sure most of us know and have probably passed on to our children.  Now I lay me down to sleepI pray the Lord my soul to keepIf I should die before I wakeI pray the Lord my soul to takeKeep […] [READ MORE]

Dark Feathers
September 30, 2013

The seasonal seesaw has been trembling on its pivot over the past couple of weeks as harlequin Autumn awaits her turn.  Soybean plants filling the back fields have transformed from a sea of lush green into a patchwork of lime and gold.  Early sparse goldenrod have seen their ranks swollen […] [READ MORE]

Wet Drooly Faces
August 30, 2013

I woke early, bathed in sunlight, bright blue sky framed in the window.  All was quiet but for Timothy's whiskery breathing muffled under the bed (where he is most definitely not supposed to be!) Dressed, I stole downstairs to take the dogs for a walk on the beach.  The big […] [READ MORE]

And there it was...
August 10, 2013
I have known her for many years.  I would call her more than an acquaintance, a friend perhaps through shared history, and so her reaction hurt me...
"Why did you start the school?" She asked me.
"Because God called me." I answered - and there it was...

Whiskered Velvet
July 23, 2013
It was clear that there was a change in the air as soon as I woke up this morning, gone was the glorious sunshine and clear blue skies of yesterday leaving a weakened clouded version in its stead.  Stealthily creeping around the house I thought I might manage to sneak out of the house without Timothy realising that he was to be left behind once again – not!  Tail wagging, eyes imploring, he sat at the gate ready to leap over in a last ditch effort to be allowed to go with me.  How does one explain to a faithful friend that in this case a brief separation is the kinder option – one doesn’t.

Be the Jay
July 2, 2013
White painted picket fence, shingles the colour of beach sand, warm wooden deck beneath the feet, and sea blue hydrangeas encircling all - it is the picture of summer harmony, and yet there is something amiss... 

Hanging unobtrusively...

Tyrian Purple
April 16, 2013
There is an old adage “April showers bring forth May flowers” – that being the case I would like to know what freezing rain in April will bring forth?  This year it looks as though spring will be a case of “blink and you miss it”!  Nonetheless this is a time of year that I, as someone who loves to putter around in the garden, looks forward to. [READ MORE]

Music within Music
March 30, 2013
After weeks of snow the road is clear once more, black Tarmac glistens with recent melt beneath my feet.  The trees stretch their limbs, finally free of the winter weight, shaking off the last stubborn clumps of snow that drag them earthward they appear to give a palpable sigh of relief.  Occasional patches of grass are reemerging, sickly and anemic, craving sunshine after their forced winter sleep.

Unbearable Weight?
March 15, 2013
The grey sky is obscured by a filagree of spindly branches reaching up towards God.  Bare and black each frail finger carries an inch of snow.  All is quiet, that special hush of a snowy morning reigns.  Two crows flap noiselessly north, a brief flurry of movement before all is still once more. [READ MORE]

February 16, 2013
The final walk for the day...the dogs burst out of the door, 250 pounds of pent up energy ready to run.  They are quickly swallowed up by the night as we head for the back fields.    It is so dark and warm I could be walking inside a burqa.  The moon is totally veiled in cloud and everything around me is daubed roughly in varying shades of grey. 

Floating - Swimming - Diving
January 23, 2013
Floating - the silky embrace of the warm water soothes my sun scourged skin.  There is no sound save for the wet rasp of my breathe rhythmically coursing up and down the length of my snorkel.  I lie motionless arms splayed, rocked gently back and forth by the lazy waves of the Gulf.  Watching with endless fascination, as the dance of life writhes and twirls in the pale aqua beneath me.

January 9, 2013

2012 has gone - another page in the book of life has been turned and may now only be looked back to for reference and recollection.  Our immediate future lies in 2013, a fact that leaves me decidedly non- plussed from a purely mathematical stance.  I think it is the prime nature of 13 that leaves me subliminally irked, my infinite preference being for the manipulative qualities of even numbers ( or even those that end in a 5 at a push).  But 13! How aggravatingly definitive! [READ MORE]

Twin Trouble
December 27, 2012
It is cold - so very cold.  Every square inch of my body and face is covered with layers of ski wear, goggles, helmet, and neoprene and yet the icy wind slices through me like a warm knife through butter.  My fingers and toes feel disassociated with my body, only the palms of my hands are warm, as cradled within each lies a small packet of external heat. 

Bizarre Ballet
November 30, 2012
We were under observation.   Silhouetted by the white, hot sand, the small white seagull  stared at us intently.  Black, unblinking eyes pinned us down as he stood stock still on one webbed foot in the sand.  Satisfied that he had our attention he eased  his free leg out behind him whilst half stretching out one wing, ending up in a bizarrely balletic pose, apparently for our viewing pleasure.


Ancient Warrior
November 5, 2012

The smallest is about the length of my index finger, the largest the length of my hand.  They sit, almost motionless, on the hot paving stones drinking in the heat of the unrelenting sun.  Under their spade shaped heads I perceive a quick gulping action along their slender necks, as the warm air slides down their gullets.  Long flexible tails anchor them to the ground while their tiny fingered feet rest only lightly - ready to send their bodies flying to safety at the merest whiff of danger. [READ MORE]

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