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The RCA Community Referral Program (The “RCA Community Referral Program”) is a program that has been created to thank individuals whose referral to friends and family results in commencement of full paid education at RCA (The “Referred Family”) (Sapphire Program).   This program does not pertain to the referral of families who enter RCA through the FAST Program or any other discounted fee program.

Upon commencement of education by the child/ren of the Referred Family (usually in September), RCA will thank the referring family/ teacher/grandparent (the ‘Referrer”) by giving them a $250 RCA gift card (the “RCA Gift Card”).

One RCA Gift Card will be given for each Referred Family.

In order to be recognized, the Referred Family must tell RCA during the initial stages of interest that they are at RCA at the recommendation of the Referrer.

The RCA Gift Card may be only used at RCA.  The RCA Gift Card may be used:-

 Towards the Referrer’s Registration Fees
 Towards the Referrer’s Tuition
 Towards the Referrer’s Activity Fees
 Towards the purchase of tickets to an RCA ticketed event (Christmas Musical, Gala)
 The RCA Gift Card may be gifted back to RCA as a donation (no donation receipt issued)
 The RCA Gift Card may be put towards the Referrer’s PPP responsibilities


Furthermore: -

The Referrer will receive One RCA Gift Card with a value of $250 in September of each academic year that the child(ren) of the Referred Family remains in education at RCA (PreJK - Grade 8 a maximum of 11 RCA Gift Cards may be issued relating to each Referred Family).

In the event that the Referrer is an RCA Teacher, the Referrer will only be eligible to receive RCA Gift Cards through this Referral Program while they remain an RCA Teacher.

RCA Gift Cards are Non-Transferable except in the event that the Referrer is an RCA Grandparent.  In this event the Grandparent may designate their child (who must be an RCA Parent) as the Referrer (the “Designated Referrer”) and thenceforth the Designated Referrer will receive the benefits under the same terms and conditions as a Referrer.”


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