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COVID-19 Update


The school is currently onsite for all grades using applicable Covid protocols.

RCA has a lot of advantages over other larger schools:


  • Our class sizes are limited to 18 students.

  • We have a smaller school population.

  • We have 3 floors, 3 play areas and 3 access points into the building.

  • Students will be given a daily health check.

  • Students will not be allowed to come to school if they are ill - fever, cough, cold.

  • Staff will wear clear face shields or masks, students have options.

  • Extra sanitation measures will be taken daily and each evening.

  • Every child in grade 3-8 will use a Chromebook to avoid sharing devices.

  • Lunches will be eaten with the student's cohort in their classroom.

  • Flex recess & class changes will be staggered to reduce hall congestion.

  • Our school has a new air supply and exchange system.

  • We have the ability to quickly go to online learning in case the protocol changes.

Resources for a safer return to school can be found at the WDG Public Health web site.

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