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Grade 7/8 Digital Technology Course


Topics to be Covered * 

  • Google Classroom - how to navigate and use the application for assignment submission.

  • Terminology – review of computer basics & introduction of more advanced topics(G8).

  • Computer Hardware & Peripherals including storage media.

  • Software – Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, Mac, Chrome, Android, etc.).

  • Software – Productivity (e.g. M.S. Office, Prezi, Google Apps) & Practical Applications.

  • Setting up online quizzes, forms and surveys using Kahoot and Google Forms.

  • Files and Folders – file formats, saving & locating files, creating folders, organizing data, etc.

  • Internet Security and Safety and Ergonomics

  • Touch Screen and other technology - phones, tablets, SMART Boards and Chromebooks.

  • What’s new - wearable tech, robots, drones, wireless technology, VR, coding, etc.

  • Multimedia Applications such as electronic resumes, websites, audio, photo & video editing.

  • Ethical Use of Technology and Critical Analysis of Digital Media.


Assignments/Testing Methods  

  • System Specs Assignment

  • Build-a-Computer Project(G8)

  • Spreadsheet Tuck Shop Assignment(G8)

  • Google Apps Assignments

  • Prezi Presentation Project

  • Robot Construction and Coding Projects

  • Webpage Project(G8)

  • Audio/Photo/Video Editing project

  • Digital Resumes(G8)

  • Two Interim Tests - short answer, multiple choice and workstation exercises

  • Final Exam – written (multiple choice & short answer) and practical.


Length and Methods of Course 

  • About 35 weeks x .75 hrs./wk. formal teaching time.

  • Mixed format – lecture with PowerPoint/Prezi, demonstrations, media clips, field trips and special guests, hands on activities and workstation exercises.

  • Some written information will be given out but most materials will be distributed through the Google classroom via the RCA Cloud.

  • Reference material may also be posted to the RCA web site or shared in Google Docs.


*Topics may vary due to time constraints, specific needs of the class and are grade variant.

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