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"RCA means a safe place for my kids to be themselves.  They thrive on challenges given.   My kids need the structure that RCA brings to their sometimes chaotic lives."  Mr. H.



"RCA is a home away from home.  A school built on love, understanding and caring.  Finding, challenging and nurturing strengths in our children.  RCA builds strong bonds and lasting relationships. RCA ROCKS!!"  The C. Family



"As full time working parents we are put at ease daily by knowing that our children are somewhere that people truly care about them.  We feel that RCA is part of “our village”, contributing to their happiness, success and resiliency in life."  The K. Family



"RCA is a partner who helps our family to be the best it can be – knowing our child is safe, happy and inspired fills us with comfort and joy.  A true community of educators, children and family who believe in making a difference with meaningful work, kindness and a whole lot of laughter!"  The P. Family


"RCA means my child gains a community who loves him and cares about his academic and personal success.  RCA meets my child where he’s at and elevates him to be his best.  The values modeled at home for my son are matched at RCA.  At RCA, my child is safe and has a second family."  The B. Family



"RCA is a place where my son learns that the world is a beautiful place to be discovered.  Thank you!"  Mr. T.



"RCA means Ohana.  Ohana means family.  Family means no one gets left behind. It’s an all-inclusive school of caring and dedicated teachers in a supportive and sage environment.  Happy students speak louder than any words can express how AWESOME RCA is!"  

The O. Family

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