"RCA means my child gains a community who loves him and cares about his academic and personal success.  RCA meets my child where he’s at and elevates him to be his best.  The values modeled at home for my son are matched at RCA.  At RCA, my child is safe and has a second family."  The B. Family

Resurrection Christian Academy is a non-denominational Gospel based Christian school that offers all its students the opportunity to feel that they are a valuable and cared for part of a large family. RCA believes that each child is a gift from God and that our role is to teach them to find how God has blessed them and to nurture their gifting.
Kindergarten, elementary, and middle school aged children are guided daily by our school motto to :-

Reach up towards God
Reach out towards the Community, and
Reach in towards Personal Excellence 

Our vision is to provide a school that will allow our students to graduate from Grade 8:-

Confident of their individual worth in God's eyes;
Prepared to stand up for and to protect their personal values; and
Ready to demonstrate Christian leadership in their walk through life.