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RCA is dedicated to providing all students with multiple opportunities to try a full range of individual and team sports in order to encourage life time enjoyment of and participation in physical activity.  RCA has a full sized gymnasium and over the course of the year students participate in a wide range of sports including badminton, basketball, volleyball, soccer, bowling, indoor hockey, track and field and cross country running.

As members of the Christian Athletic Association of Southern Ontario (CAASO), students are given the opportunity to participate in the CAASO sponsored sports events throughout each school year.  RCA also participates with other Christian school groups at other tournaments and meets in Ontario.

RCA believes that swimming is a life skill, and it is our opinion that in order to complete a child's primary education, it is important that each child is taught to swim.  Accordingly, all students (SK and Grade 1-8) are required to participate in the RCA swimming program run during the first and second terms of school (unless the child has a doctor's note exempting them).  These well-organized lessons give each child the opportunity to learn to swim as well as improve their swimming capability and endurance. 

Some intramural play is done for certain sports to provide additional practice and fun.  Based on interest and availability of coaches, students have also participated in a cross-country running club, fitness classes, and flag football.  We will continue to provide these opportunities based upon student interest and participation.


Member of CAASO
Christian Athletic Association of Southern Ontario

Member of EDVANCE
Christian Schools Association

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