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RCA has an innovative daily French program that commences in our Pre-JK program and continues on up throughout the school.  The language focus at RCA is to ensure that students are strong in English language and literature with French as a second language in which they feel comfortable speaking and are nascent readers.                     
Using a combination of Christ-centered textbooks, French computer programs and a variety of mixed-media, the RCA French teacher works to teach each student to speak using the correct pronunciation and to write grammatically correct French. 

The Pre-JK/JK/SK French program encourages the students to develop a love of languages at an early age through short periods of fun, and focus on songs, games, and stories about things that the children can grasp simply and easily.  During these early years, the children are able to easily absorb the simple words and concepts, allowing them to step into grade school French with confidence and ease.

The grade school French program takes a communicative approach that seeks to offer all the grades the opportunity to interact regularly in the French language.  Students are encouraged to have the confidence to speak to the teacher, their peers, and students in other grades in French.  Students that have not had the opportunity to learn French at the same pace at previous schools, or who are struggling, are provided with an alternative program that allows them to work at their own speed.

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