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Supporting the RCA CAFE Fund for Families in Financial Distress

From the outset RCA has committed to provide tuition support to families who are in financial distress but would like to have their children educated at RCA.  In our first year of operation RCA supported 8 students, this number has now risen 18 students who are fully or partially supported by RCA.  Our commitment to the families is that once their children are in the program we will stand by them for as long as they need financial assistance.  In order to fund this program we have created the RCA CAFE (Christian Assistance For Education) fund. 

Each year RCA organizes a Golf Marathon but this year on May 14, 2022 it was a standard tournament instead of a marathon, the proceeds of which go exclusively to the CAFE Fund.    Stayed tuned for next year's golf tournament. 

If you would like to support the school outside of the regular fundraising initiatives, please see the note below.  We can currently take secure online donations to allow one time or regular giving.  We can accept payment through PayPal or various credit cards.   For large donations, please contact the school office directly.  Thank you for supporting our school.  You are making an eternal difference in many young lives.
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