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Tax Information

Tuition Fees and Charitable Donations

In accordance with Canada Revenue Agency’s information circular 75-23, Resurrection Christian Academy is allowed to issue a Charitable Donation receipt for a portion of the tuition fees paid.

The portion of the tuition fee payments that is eligible for a charitable donation receipt is determined based upon Canada Revenue Agency’s information circular 75-23, paragraph 7 and 8.

The net cost of operating the secular portion of the school is calculated and pro-rated over the number of pupils enrolled during the school year to determine a "cost per pupil" for the secular training.

An official donation receipt is issued in January for that portion of a payment received which is in excess of the pro-rated "cost per pupil" for academic training.

There are a number of factors which are included in the calculation of the net cost of operating the secular portion of the school, the determination of which can only be made by the school administration.

The charitable donation receipt amount is issued based upon payments actually received on or before December 31st of a particular year and will fluctuate annually.

The charitable donation receipt(s) is/are issued in the name of the person(s) that has(ve) made the tuition payments on behalf of a particular child in proportion to the payments received by each individual.


Child Care Receipts

In accordance with the Canada Revenue Agency’s guidelines, child care expenses may be claimed in certain situations where a person paid to have someone look after an eligible child.

Child care receipts are issued to cover the amount paid to Resurrection Christian Academy representing child care, including recess, lunch break and afterschool (Kid's Club) for all students under the age of 16.

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