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Music Class

GRADE 1 to 4

Facilitating Excellence

Resurrection Christian Academy approaches elementary education with a focus on academic, social, emotional, and spiritual growth. Our small class sizes and teachers who foster a love for learning, enable students to develop skills that are necessary for life-long success. 


The curriculum provided at RCA meets and exceeds the Ontario curriculum. Our Language Arts program focuses on a transition from learning to read to reading to learn. Spelling, grammar, cursive writing, and novel studies are all included in the program. Students begin learning to type in Grade 3 through the Typing Agent computer program on their individual Chromebooks

Our Mathematics program emphasizes number sense and operations, as mastery of these skills extend across all other strands of mathematics and life skills. Students learn how to apply these basic math skills to more complex concepts beginning in Grade 3. Small class sizes allow students the opportunity to use manipulatives and do hands-on activities for higher level learning. The use of technology amplifies the math program including the introduction of Coding in Grade 3 and the Mathletics learning platform. 


Science at RCA includes a wide variety of learning opportunities that foster inquiry based study, exploration, complex/abstract thinking, and basic research skills. Students have the ability to use science equipment and hands-on activities to enhance their learning of concepts.  

The Art curriculum focuses on introduction to artistic skills including fine detail work progressing through acquisition of the elements of design as children age. Similarly, our Physical Education program progresses through developing gross motor skills, body/spatial awareness, sportsmanship, and healthy active living.


French and Music at RCA begins pre-Grade 1. French classes are 4 days a week with a focus on oral acquisition in early elementary years. Music classes are once a week in our well-equipped music room. Students learn the elements of music and begin note reading with a specialized music teacher.

As a Christian school, RCA prioritizes social/emotional and spiritual development. Starting in Grade 1, students are encouraged to develop conflict resolution skills, emotional regulation, and navigate emotions and social interactions. Throughout their experience at RCA, students are taught to show Christ’s love in the daily interactions between their peers and teachers, both inside and outside of the classroom. Teachers model and encourage students to treat all individuals as Children of God, deserving of love and respect at all times.

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