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Where fun and learning happen!

Junior Kindergarten - 18 spaces on a full-time basis.

Senior Kindergarten -18 spaces on a full-time basis.


Kindergarten at Resurrection Christian Academy is an amazing place to begin your child’s formal education. Our Kindergarten program will encourage your child’s natural wonderment and prepare your child to be ready for their educational journey. Through a structured learning environment, where emphasis on building Christian character including love and respect for others, kindness and diligence is at the forefront of the classroom. Your child will learn through singing, sharing and lessons, activities, reading and so much more, your child will uncover the natural curiosity to learn, explore, and grow. 

Highlights of JK and SK:

  • Small class sizes

  • Participation in school-wide and inter-grade activities including, weekly chapel, Grandparents’ Day, Christmas Musical, Reading buddies and more. 

  • Phonics, letters recognition, numeracy, reading and language, incorporating curriculum from next grade level as knowledge and abilities build. 

  • Reading and printing daily

  • SK Everyday Reading program 

  • Bible, art, music, and physical education daily

  • 80 minutes a week of in-depth French lessons

  • Outdoor play area reserved exclusively for JK and SK students

  • Educational field trips which may include a working farm, pumpkin patch, gymnastics, zoo or more

  • Emphasis on building Christian character and learning to model love and care for one another in the image of God.

We at RCA support parents during these critical early years, where we help lay the foundation for academic and social success by encouraging strong character and an early love of learning. Our Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten programs distinctively balance hands-on-activities and pen-to-paperwork. With the guidance and support of our loving and experienced teachers, students build a love for learning by exploring their individual curiosities and creativity in a vibrant Christian school environment. Kindergarten students at RCA gain a strong sense of satisfaction in their work that results in a desire to learn and perform that often excels beyond curriculum expectations. 

Kindergarten is a magical year of growth and development in your child’s life. Remember, you are your child’s first and most significant teacher! Your child has learned an amazing amount before coming to school. At Resurrection Christian Academy, we hope to work with you to continue this lifelong journey of learning. 

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