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Children of Today.  Leaders of Tomorrow
RCA's commitment is to provide our graduating classes with the skills, tools, and knowledge to allow them to have the confidence to take their faith, values, and morals with them from elementary school into high school and beyond.

RCA believes that in this regard "preparation is the key to success".  As well as giving our students a strong foundation in Biblical knowledge and truth, the students are given multiple opportunities over the course of their education at RCA to both lead and mentor others.

Our weekly Chapel is a student-led event with Grade 7 students stepping into Christian leadership at all stages from set up, operation of the computer equipment, choice of the music, introduction of the speakers and charities, and opening and closing prayers.  For many students they will have have their first opportunity to minister to others through being a part of our worship team, which is open to all students from Grade 4.

RCA provides students with the opportunity to experience a wide range of life skills during their middle school years which may include qualification for babysitting, CPR, cooking, painting, visits to charitable organisations and for profit organisations to see how they operate, and running a small business (the "RCA Tuck Shop").

As the students get close to graduation they have the opportunity to connect with RCA alumni to talk to them about the transition into high school, and also participate in the Relationship Compass Program to equip them to make positive life choices once they graduate.  The final piece of the preparation puzzle is the Grade 8 trip to the Student Leadership University (SLU) in Florida, this life changing trip gives the students the tools they need to make Christian life choices as they walk through life.  The students are responsible for raising funds for this trip and all proceeds from the monthly RCA Tuck Shop go towards the trip to SLU.
The culmination of the RCA grade 8 program is their trip to Florida in June to attend a leadership training program at the Student Leadership University.  SLU is hailed by parents, youth ministers, teachers, and students as the nation's premiere leadership training program with a distinctively Christian worldview for students in eighth grade through college. The development of young leaders must be intentional and influential, over four days the student experience 22 hours of hands-on training on what it means to be a balanced leader in an upside-down world.
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