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GRADE 5 to 8

Fostering Leadership

Middle School (Grades 5-8) subjects are taught in a rotary style, enabling teachers to focus more on their area of speciality.  This also provides a continuity of learning in each subject area as students progress through these grades. Dedicated Music, Science and French classrooms enhance the rotary experience.



Language studies are presented in three 45-minute sessions daily:  Literature, Language and French. Novel studies form the core of the literature program, while language classes include creative writing, spelling and grammar instruction. The grammar curriculum introduced in the lower elementary grades continues progressively until Grade 8. In French, students further develop their listening, speaking and reading skills each year.


Math & Science

Students follow a progressive, text-based math curriculum throughout upper school, and are also provided with opportunities to apply mathematical knowledge and reasoning to ‘real life’ applications.  In Science, students explore a wide variety of topics (including those found in the Ontario Curriculum) each year. The RCA science curriculum is based upon grade specific Christian textbooks, but has a strong focus on hands-on learning and investigation. 


Other Highlights of Upper School at RCA:

  • Crew Time at the beginning of each day, with their homeroom teacher. This time is dedicated to prayer, devotional readings and social-emotional development

  • Daily Bible class (or chapel on Wednesday) 

  • Weekly art & music classes

  • Physical education three times a week

  • Opportunities for inter-school competitions in a variety of sports: cross country, track and field, badminton, soccer, volleyball, floor hockey and basketball. 

  • Periodic ‘elective’ afternoons provide students with the opportunity to explore other areas of interest and learn new skills. 

  • Leadership opportunities through student council, chapel praise team & tech teams, announcements, safety patrol and more.

  • Private music lessons (separate from RCA classes and tuition) are available on-site upon request.

Leadership image

Encouraging students to give

their best performance possible.

Fostering a good Christian attitude

in all things.

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